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March 20 2013


September 05 2012

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September 04 2012

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September 03 2012

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Since their trainee days, EXO-K has been volunteering at local senior homes and schools for the deaf by cleaning and learning sign language to play with the children. To the grandmas, grandpas, and the children who hung out with them, EXO-K isn’t just an idol group, but a group of respectable young men and amazing oppas. They may be EXO-K on stage, but off, they’re just your normal teens, a double life that they indeed enjoy.
“We want to become a group that not only receives love from our fans, but knows how to share and return that love. We haven’t been able to participate in volunteer work since our debut, but we want to do it consistently as well since we’ve been doing it for a while. Although small, we want to get things in action.”  

September 02 2012

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September 01 2012

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3 months later and I finally find this video…

1:53 - Chanyeol picks up the puppy after Jonghyun drops it and gives it back to Jonghyun
2:00 - Jonghyun gives the puppy to Baekhyun
2:09 - Luhan plays with the puppy
2:16 - Gratuitous amount of Baekhyun puppy shaking
3:44 - Yesung picking up the tshirt and giving it to Baekhyun
4:46 - Donghae taking the puppy from Baekhyun and throwing it back in the audience >:(
6:35 - Glimpses of Baekhyun still holding the tshirt

My entire gift, in one video. I’m dying all over again.

August 31 2012

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dujun cracking up at yoseob who ran through the extended stage by himself when dujun and hyunseung agreed to go with him + a tiny dujun/suho moment

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August 30 2012

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The instructions for Dara’s “Kiss Cam” at the New Evolution concert in LA


So I saw something a bit....wrong.


What’s that Jonghyun? You like girls?
Oh no no.
He loves his grils man.Can’t stop loving griiiiiillslet me take you to mah woooorld. GRIIIILSoooh oooh yeah.

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August 29 2012

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